Form Of Application For Obtaining Information


The Central Public Information Officer,
Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd.
9th Floor, IFCI Tower,
61, Nehru Place,
New Delhi- 110 019

Request For Information under The RTI Act, 2005

  • Name of the applicant:-

  • Complete Address of Applicant:-
    (where information is to be sent)
    Phone no. /e-mail ID
  • Particulars of Information sought
    1. Subject matter which is related to Bharatiya Mahila Bank
    2. Period to which information relates
  • Whether applicant is below poverty line (BPL)
    (if yes; attach the proof of document)
  • Details of fee paid (if paid)
  • Particulars of identity of applicant
  • Declaration that applicant is citizen of India
  • Whether the information has been sought earlier
  • Address at which information is to be sent



Signature of Applicant

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