Right to Information

The Right to Information Act, 2005

It is an Act to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of Public authorities, in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. The Act extends to the whole of India except the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Right to information means bringing information to the Citizen.


Information can be sought in accordance of the RTI Act, 2005 . For complaints & grievances , application is to be submitted to Bank's Customer Grieviance Cell.

Obligation Under The Act

Bharatiya Mahila Bank is a Public Authority, as per the definition of ‘Public Authority’, provided under the Act and is therefore under obligation to provide information to members of public while adhering to the various provisions of the Act.

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Display Of Information As Per The Requirement Of Section 4(1) (B) Of The Right To Information Act, 2005 Click here
How To Apply For Information

Only the Citizens of India (citizen status to be given in the application) can seek information under the Act. Presently, application are being made to the Corporate Office of Bank situated in New Delhi, hence the request application should be in writing in English Language or in Hindi Language only, clearly specifying the information sought and the contact details / postal address / telephone number of the applicant.

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Applications can be sent through electronic means, but must be followed by hard Copies, duly “signed” by applicant, accompanied with prescribed fees in the prescribed manner. The application will be considered for processing only upon receipt of appropriate application fees. The period of 30 days shall commence from the date of receipt of fee / proof of payment of fee.

Application Fees

"Application fee may be paid by demand draft or bankers cheque or Indian Postal Order payable to Central Public Information Officer, Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd., New Delhi. In case of payment of fee in cash , the fee is to be deposited with the branch of Bharatiya Mahila Bank against the receipt and a copy of receipt is to be enclosed with the application.

Fee should not be paid by enclosing currency note with application.

Cheques drawn on personal accounts of citizens, Adhesive Court Fee stamps and Non-Judicial stamp papers are not acceptable modes of payment of fee.

For making an RTI request, a fee of Rs 10/- only is prescribed.

The citizens, who is below the poverty line, are exempt fro making payment of required application fee provided he / she encloses a copy of the BPL Certificate issued by the competent Government Authority with the application."

Additional Charges For Receiving Information

The Public Information Officer may, if necessary, advise details of further fees, as determined by him, representing cost of providing the information as under –

  • Rs.2/- for each page in A-3 or smaller paper size
  • Actual cost or price of a photocopy in large size paper
  • Rs. 50/- per diskette or floppy
  • Actual cost or price for samples or models
  • Price fixed for a publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication
  • No fee for inspection of records for the first hour; and a fee of Rs.5/- for each subsequent hour or fraction thereof
  • So much of postal charge involved in supply of information that exceeds fifty rupees.
Where To Send / Submit RTI Request

RTI requests must be addressed to the Public Information Officer

  • (I)Central Public Information Officer/s
        1. Ms. Rama Arora-(CPIO & AGM)
        2. Mrs. Sushma Kumari-(Alternate CPIO & AGM)
        3. Mr. Ishwar Singh Dahiya-(Alternate CPIO & AGM)

    Address - Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd. , IFCI Tower, 9th Floor, 61, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019

  • (II) First Appellate Authority: Mr. Kamal Deep Prasad- DGM

    Address - Bharatiya Mahila Bank Ltd. , IFCI Tower, 9th Floor, 61, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019

Appeal Before The “FIRST Appellate Authority

If RTI applicant desires to prefer an appeal under the Act, in case of non-receipt of a reply or dissatisfaction with the reply / information provided by the Public Information Officer, he may prefer an appeal U/S 19 of the Act, within the prescribed time, before the concerned “First Appellate Authority” of the Bank (having jurisdiction over the Public Information Officer)

The Appeal should be properly addressed and sent to the appellate authority under copy to the concerned Public Information Officer and accompanied with –

  • Copy of the RTI request, whereby information was sought
  • Copy of the reply of the Public Information Officer, against which appeal is made
  • Grounds for appeal / reasons / arguments / submissions / Prayer

Incomplete appeals will not be registered. Appeals sent by emails will not be entertained. Hard Copies, duly signed by appellants must be submitted with all necessary documents.

No fee is prescribed for preferring an appeal.

Appeal Before The Central Information Commission (CIC)

If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision of the First Appellate Authority of the Bank, he/she can appeal to the Central Information Commission as per the provisions of the Act & the relevant rules of the Hon’ble Commission.

Suo Motu Dissemination Of Information

Bharatiya Mahila Bank has suo motu, placed a variety of information about the Bank viz. Board of Directors, Branch and Office Network with contact details, Bank’s Policies & Guidelines, Tenders, Annual reports, Financial Results, Other regulatory disclosures and hosts of other information in public domain.

Citizens can access the same at Bank’s Website at www.bmb.co.in


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